Group 8. As cars evolved in the short term?

Group 8. As cars evolved in the short term?

Right now we see through the streets and highways are many types of vehicles from small city to the large displacement that most dream to have someday. Most of them powered by petroleum products such as gasoline or diesel with its effect on the environment is evident. In a short period of time the cars will suffer major changes, and some of these are the changes in performance and reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, these changes are made to change the diesel engine / petrol to hydrogen appears a good alternative that is being investigated but, right now, the technology "spike" is within the power. There are two types of cars that use this energy source: diesel-electric hybrids and pure electric.

Electric cars
The engine of these cars powered by batteries that are not nothing but containers of chemical energy and chemical energy that can be transformed to become electrical energy. The batteries, or batteries, are divided into two groups, primary and secondary schools. Primary batteries are based on an irreversible chemical reaction, ie can not be recharged and have a single use. Secondary batteries, in turn, are based on reversible chemical reactions, so it can be recharged a certain number of times.
Electric cars work, therefore, secondary batteries.
The power is the cleanest to avoid contaminating anything but in the process of obtaining energy (power plants, nuclear ...).
It has three fundamental problems since its speed is not very high, very little hard autonomy and the necessary infrastructure is not mounted.

Hybrid cars
Hybrids have two advantages as their autonomy and speed are higher but have a problem since, when the electric motor is over, "jumps" the diesel which is contaminated but not as much as "normal." Additionally, you can benefit from the infrastructure of service stations.
It’s pretty quiet but the power is even quieter.
The problem right now is also the price as it is quite expensive but the expectation is that prices are reduced more than 25-30% and even half in just five years.
Although we can see on the street some models of Honda or Lexus hybrids of 18000-24000 € but does not fall.

These are examples of cars near future also other types of cars, but only marketed in 2020, which is a bit far to explain many facts not known.


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Elena Rocío -

Well, I agree with you. In a short time we will see more and more hybrid cars and then electric cars.It's a good idea that the cars would move with hydrogen,but we need water and water is very scant.

Lucas -

You are right, Elena Rocío. If you say "aren't nothing but..." you are using a double negation. The options you give are correct.

Elena Rocío -

Hi!Can you explain the relations between batteries and schools.
And , I don't understand that are not nothing(Iwould have said:that are not anythig, or that are nothing)and ie can not (can't or cannot). Thank you very much.

Elena Rocío -

Hi!I have a doubt.Where is Miguel? Your group was composed by 3 people. "Grupo 8: Sergio O, Oscar M. y Miguel.¿Cómo piensas que van a evolucionar los coches a corto plazo?".Thanks
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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres