How do you resolve the energetic world problem?


First, we have to save energy by using public transport instead of our own cars or walking, by using low consume bulb. We have to install solar panels in our houses to begin. Then, we will use renewable energies like solar power, tidal energy, wind power and geothermal energy.We must search into nuclear fusion energy.


We think that one of the best forms to solve the energetic global problem. It consists of trying to establish an energetic diversity not to depend on a limited group of not renewable energies since they would become exhausted before. In fact, already it is, nevertheless it is not sufficient, because we still depend in 80% of the not renewable energies in the developed countries.


A Norwegian Professor, Egil Lillestol, believes that Thorium power plants could help solve the global energy crisis. Norway has a huge amount of Thorium and a Thorium reactor has lots of advantages over a traditional nuclear power plant. The world’s reserves of Thorium could cover the energy needs globally for thousands of years.


Another solution is to improve renewable energies. Solar power is a great option, we can place solar panels in a big desert or send a geostationary satellite with big solar panels that send by microwave rays to a receiver station in the earth, but one of the problems is that in deserts, sandstorm can destroy the panels.


Tidal power could be in the future an important energy; tidal power stations use wave movements to generate electricity. If we put big extensions of this central in the sea we can obtain a lot of energy. But nowadays it is not well-known; Scientifics have to study it more.


But all this energies don’t generate so much energy, so, for this problem we have to generate energy by nuclear stations, that generates a high quantity of energy and don’t contaminate with CO2. Nowadays this type of central has more security than twenty years ago, and it’s very difficult that can have a leak of toxic substances. However this kind of energy has a problem, where we put the radioactive waste?


We think if the countries work together as one it will be easier.Sonrisa


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antonio -

yes juan,of course, many types of this new energies aren´t so much investigated, so, we think the best solution is to improve the production of those energies.
But as we have said, the best solution is improve the nuclear fusion energy.
Thank you!

Juan Pedro 4ºB -

But if we want to get energy with Thorium, I read in internet that it is necessary to attack the thorium with neutrons, a process that not yet been much researched.
Quite good article

Elena Rocío -

I don't kwon why Thorium it is not used nowadays.

Elena Rocío -

We think that will be also the fussion nuclear if we devolpe it.

Elena Rocío and Bryan -

Accelerator driven nuclear reactors based on Thorium may present a solution to the global energy crisis and could help ease global political tension. Norway could play a key role in this development.
The advantages are:
•There is no danger of a melt-down like the Chernobyl reactor.
•It produces minimal radioactive waste.
•It can burn Plutonium waste from traditional nuclear reactors with additional energy output.
•It is not suitable for the production of weapon grade materials.
•The energy contained in one kilogram of Thorium equals that of four thousand tons coal.
•The global Thorium reserves could cover the world’s energy needs for thousands of years.
•Norway has an estimated 180 000 tons of Thorium which based on the current price of oil is equivalent to 250 thousand billion US$, or 1000 times the Norwegian oil fund.

What is now needed is the building of a prototype. This will take about 15 years to build and cost approximately 550 M€. It is expected that several countries and institutions will contribute with money as well as know-how if the prototype is realized as an international collaborative effort.

Lucas -

Nice article. You've given, more or less, all the steps we will have to do to maintain our energetic way of life in the short and medium term.
But do you think Thorium is really the energy of the future? Could you give me the advantages of the Thorium plants? Why is not used nowadays?

Elena rocio -

I can't now add any photo and I haven't anyone.

Alfonso -

You could have added a picture that is very dull
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