Are we alone in the universe?

Are we alone in the universe?

Is our planet the only planet in which life exists? We don’t think so, because there are many arguments to think that there are several kinds of life in other planets.

There are many constructions of ancient civilizations that were advanced to their period like the Egyptian and Inca people who built a lot of pyramids in their zones. We think that these constructions were built with extraterrestrial help. Archeologists found many paintings about people that were in flying machines and strange technologies, many of these paintings were discovered in Southamerica.

 Ancient civilizations also sculpted and painted many different things which represented their gods, the gods that they had seen or the ones they believed in. We think that during all the history people have had extraterrestrial help and influence in their life. Many of these constructions of Egyptians, Incas or people from Mesopotamia were related with the astronomy, they were very interested in that world out of their hands and knowledge that maybe supposed a relation with something that came from the space.

Archeologists had found many documents and draws of Mesopotamia and Egyptian civilization in which appear strange humans with features of an advanced race. In this documents and draws appear strange machines or tools too, to draw these engravings. Many experts are sure that many of this constructions, tombs or figures had been made with tools with the precision of a laser.


One of the aliens’ signs is the discovery of rests of H20 in other planets. We think that it’s probably that there is water in other planets with a good climate because the universe is very big and maybe there are other planets with intelligent life.

We are sure about this affirmation because physic’s and chemical’s laws are the same in every part of the universe.

One clear sign of the existence of aliens is the sight of UFOs. There are a lot of UFO’s sightings all over the world. There are a lot of theories about why the aliens are sometimes in our world.

 Some people say that they represent the peace of our civilization, other people think that the day when they definitively come to our world will be the last day: the apocalypse or doomsday.

The UFOs are flying machines that we (the humans) cannot identify. The term UFO means unidentified flying object. During the last century there were a lot of sightings of  UFOs, especially from the middle of XX century.

There are a lot of people that say that they have been abducted by aliens. Some theories say that they are only studying us, that they don´t want to attack us. There is also a person that said that he was abducted by them and they told him that we are their experiment and they are only admiring their experiment. They told him that they were so advanced to create life and they originated it in the Earth. Another theory suggests that aliens are humans from the future who have found out the secrets to travel through the time, using maybe wormholes.
It’s very sure that Nazis during War World II contacted with aliens because after the war in laboratories Nazis, plans of flying discs like UFOs were found, they were planned to make this flying discs with an advantaged technology, these plans exist today and you can see them in internet.

We think that there will be the day that they will come to our planet and they explain the life’s significance or they will kill us, we aren´t sure about this… but we are sure that they are waiting for that special moment.

Here are some videos that explain our theory, they are in English with Spanish subtitles.

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antonio Liarte -

I agree with Lucas, I´ve seen the article,and I think that is fantastic, perhaps there are many types of microorganisms in our solar planet that can help us to investigate about life without H2O or O2 and how they subsist

Lucas -

Well, this article is, at least, the one with morecontroversy.

I want to add a really interesting thing. Have scientist discover life in Titan? Take a look at this article. It's really amizing.

Juan Pedro Galia -

In United Stated the alien phenomenon is bigger that other country in the world, there are a lot of clubs, societies or the NASA that are finding anything about aliens, I think that NASA knows many things about it but they don't say anything.

Juan Pedro Galia -

But I'm very sure that aliens have been in our planet. For example, all the countries have big archieves and documents about aliens like Spain, USA, France, etc or like England that a few years ago they made public all the documents that they had and we can see that there were sightings and even persecutions of UFOs and strange beings by militars in militar bases in England. There were many close encounters of the third kind.

Juan Pedro Galia -

Yes, I watched the film. There are theories very interesting around the world about influence of aliens, there are someones that are less credible and other more credible. I think that there are many things in our planet that we can't explain or know about their origins.

Elena Rocío -

Have you watch the latest fiim of India Jones? It talks about aliens in pyramids etc.

Elena Rocío -

I kown that you had done this with alot of love; I'm sure because is your creation.What is really life?Well, living being are alife (because they "eat" "breathe"etc.

Elena Rocío -

Well, let me to explain. I said that they will be probably more intelligent than us or not, we don't know anything we aren't sure.Ok this is a good topic.

Juan Pedro -

But Elena Rocio, why do you think that it can not be intelligent life in other planets? I think so the universe is infinite and we know nothing about it.

Carlakos lopez -

Elena, if there is some kind of life in other planets I am sure that it`s unimaginable for us, it isn´t only not to need water, it is something more relatively, what is the really life? when you say the concept 'life' you are only refering to animal or plant life, your brain is very limited.
And no, our work hasn't got many scientific's arguments, but we have done it with a lot of love.
Thanks for your critique,Elena, we will reflect.

Juan Pedro 4ºB -

We were finding about the life in others planets or aliens in internet, but all the pages are very fictional. We are using historical documents because we didn't know to introduce the topic of aliens and life in others planets, we wrote some theories because in this topic practically all are false, fictional or something like that and humans don't know anything clear about aliens.

Elena Rocío -

I think that your article hasn't got a sound grounding in science.It has a bit of "hystory" and science fiction.But, it's quite interesting.

Elena Rocío -

I don't agree at all with you. I think that could life in others planets,but they might not be more intelligent than us.Or they needn't water to life, either they breathe oxygen, like anaerobic organims.Finally,they would be different to the comics.

Lucas -

Mmm, this article is quite exoterical. I think the only scientific fact you,ve said here is that UFO means "unidentified flying object".

For the moment, you've got to be in a web page called pyramids (, and look the kind of articles there are there.

Lucas -


Juan Pedro 4ºB -

Teacher, I don't know why appear this strange code in the first paragraph but our work is below

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