As a project of the second term, we have manufactured a submarine:


In this project we had to make a model of a submarine that could more or less do what would do a real one.


Our submarine began as an almost impossible project, but despite the adversities we managed to take it forward and make our submarine afloat, dive and return to the surface.

· Materials:


We used a few materials to do our submarine:


  • One PVC pipepvc-u-pipe-pn16-5-metre-lengths-3464-p.jpg

  • A little bit of plaster

  • Two balloons

  • One small pipeline

  • Four syringes

  • A tape

  • Some red, black and yellow sprays

· Development:


First we started working with a submarine, but had to leave because the submarine was heavy and did not rise to the surface, then had to change and start working with a submarine ascended to the surface, we put a grout and a syringes to submerge or float the submarine


· Characteristics:


The submarine is 50cm long and 9cm in diameter but the main idea was to do it in 1m long and 12cm in diameter. The material we used is PVC. The color of the submarine is mainly black but with red spots, so we wanted to ‘mess it’ to make it look more real.

· Ending:


In this project we have learned how to work together and coordinate. We thought we could not do a submarine that could float, dive and we have achieved with great dedication this project.

Ángel Palazón, Adam Garcia, Victor y Jose María Peregrín y Mario Landáburu

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