In this article about our school project, “building a submarine”, we had several difficulties in getting our submarine to do the three main targets in the project:


  1. Make it be able to dive and come back up to the surface.

  2. Get the submarine to be stable.

  3. Make sure we have a waterproof compartment where we would inhabit.


First we had to find what would be the body of our submarine. We thought about using bottles, cans and several other objects, but we decided to use water pipes. After getting these from a plumbing shop we took it home and made a hole on the side of the main tube. Then we had a brainstorm where we would decide how it would accomplish our goal number two. The technique that we agreed to use was a manual pump connected to two balloons regulated by two taps meaning we have total control over the vertical movement of the vehicle. When we finally got it working we started with our target number one. With this task at hand, we tried making the underwater vehicle have a great stability, we put a base of cement in the bottom, getting the right weight for it to be able to come back up and not only sink.

We had to calculate the volume, the weight needed for the sinking of the submarine and also the buoyant force we had to exercise in order for it to float.


We added an air compartment that had a small playmobil girl, very pretty by the way. We waterproofed it so no water could get in, we put the girl inside on top of a silicon bag so any condensation was absorbed, and once we had done that we closed it and sealed it with hot silicon. Once this was dry we placed it in the whole that was already made.


Also, although it wasn’t obligatory, we dared to put a motor in. We recycle some motors that we have of little toy cars. Finally, we put these 2 in the below laterals.        


We don’t have to paint it, but we decided we wanted to. We thought that it would be more original and would be a way to show our personal design. So we painted it silver-colored, because that was the only color we had in our houses and in this way we didn’t have to spend any money, also it gave it a bit of a alien like look.


After doing all of this and thinking it was done we had a problem, the stability was not in the middle, so it went to one side. We decided to get rid of the cement and put two tubes with metal weight either side to make it stable.


We finally had our submarine.





Project made by:

  • Mª José Hernández Sáez

  • Talia Corroto García

  • Nerea Salas Pérez

  • Cristian Lane Davies


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